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Does Disney Now Own God?

Disney Mickey Mouse ThorDisney plans to buy Marvel, home of the Mighty Thor. What does this mean to Norse mythology, and world religion in general?

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Farewell Patrick Swayze

Patrick SwayzeHonky tonk sexpot, redneck avenger, and king of cheese, Patrick Swayze will be missed

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Half Blood Prince is Empire Strikes Back of Potter Movies

Half Blood Prince PotterMorris endures dark and scary spellfest, latest chapter in series that will not end.

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Hurt Locker Fails to Capture World War II Experience

The Hurt LockerSo-called action movie wastes time tinkering with timebombs while Nazis run amok in the desert

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Martyrs Tortures Audience Along With Characters

MartyrsThis work of French shock cinema is so effectively unsettling you might find yourself reaching for the remote.

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Morris Up for “Up”?

Up movieUp is proving irresistible to audiences and critics alike. But what does Morris Pevensey, the Movie Critic Who Hates Everything, have to say…

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25 Words or Less

Don't forget our almost-world-famous short reviews of Inglourious Basterds, Milk, The Dark Knight, There Will Be Blood, and more.



Tail of Terror Animated Cat Movie
This cat's tail is so long, he uses it fight al Qaeda! More...


Will Smith is the Best Batman Ever

So I FINALLY got out to see a movie again, jeez. It’s not easy these days cause I got four kids. I got three kids, actually, and one little red-face monster who can’t do nothin but yell and scream.

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Humor | Aug 21

Juno Meets Hanna Montana

OMG! Juno and Hanna Montana reviewed by teen correspondent, Alisha Frobisher.

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Humor | Feb 15


Major Dundee (1965)

Major DundeeA disgruntled major and his makeshift army carve a path of destruction through Mexico in this underrated yet slightly absurd Peckinpah cavalry classic

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Undead | Aug 19

Stocking Stuffers (2001)

Stocking Stuffers MovieIs a woman more than her legs and the nylons that enclose them? Angel Connell’s Stocking Stuffers peels back the fabric to find out.

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Undead | Aug 7

Versus (2000)

Incredible mix of genres define this non-stop Japanese martial arts extravaganza.

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Undead | Mar 18